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Updated May 28, 2020

Roars emanating from planes taking off, and engine-testing at night, can be deeply upsetting and disturbing for adults and children. Contrary to what federal laws dictate, and what the California Supreme Court has ruled, the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) has indicated they do not accept responsibility. How can they do that? Because, without significant community pressure,  they just do.  

To apply that much-needed pressure, and using the conduit of small claims court, our group supplies residents (owners or renters over the age of 18) all necessary information, forms, instructions, coaching, and explanations on this website (Zoom, anyone?) to make a small claims court appearance easy. Participating is inexpensive, informal, and takes relatively little time. You do not have to do it alone.

Now's the time to submit simple non-committal paperwork anytime before July 1,

2020. Mail these forms before that date in order to have an autumn hearing. 

Those in our group who were awarded compensation by the judge (who recognized the airport runway noise is an ongoing private nuisance) in our first hearing have received their checks from CCSF after the defense's appeal was denied.










Again recognizing the ongoing nuisance we are subject to, the judge in the second hearing also awarded compensation, but the recipients still await their checks. Fewer than half of the plaintiffs in Rounds One and Two were awarded compensation due to a federal rule the defense presented (we didn't question its legality at the time).  After extensive research, we are much better informed now and will present our findings to the judge.  Simply put, the rule the defense presented cannot be used in small claims court. We must ensure the judge is aware of this. This can be accomplished by including a form letter in your September filing that we'll prepare for/provide you. (See "Legal Sources" below -  "Judicial Branch of California")


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