Highlights from the 1976 Aviation Noise Abatement Act

To see the 7-page policy intact on the Federal Aviation Authority's website as of April 4, 2020, go to 




* "The primary obligation to address the airport noise problem always has been and remains a local responsibility."

"Airport proprietors  are primarily responsible for planning and implementing action designed to reduce the effect of noise on residents of the surrounding area. Such  actions include...improvements in airport design, noise abatement ground procedures...."

"The Federal Aviation Authority will encourage airport proprietors, who are legally responsible for the effect of aircraft noise on the surrounding community, to assess their particular and, where local authorities determine that there is a significant problem, to develop an action plant to reduce the impact of noise."

"Under the Supreme Court decision in Griggs. v. Allegheny County, 369 U. S. 84 (1962), proprietors are liable for aircraft noise damages resulting from operations from their airport."

"It is now firmly established that the airport proprietor is responsible for the consequences which attend his operation of a public airport."

."..The Supreme Court court concluded that proprietors are liable for aircraft noise damage."

"Actions that the airport proprietor can implement directly........acquire noise suppressing equipment, construction of physical barriers, and landscape for the purpose of reducing the impact of aircraft noise..."

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