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Assembling the Small Claims Papers for Mailing

IMPORTANT! If you'd like to schedule a hearing with friends, put a note on the first page of your sets of paper. The small claims department will try to schedule you together. 

Before covid, you'd be given a hearing date no more than 6 weeks out. Now you could be scheduled months out. 

If you haven't yet made your three copies of the "DENIED" letter from the SF City Attorney's office, now's the time.

You'll paper clip four sets of claims, with 8 pages per set: the first six pages will be the small claims pages 1-6; the last two pages will be the "DENIED" letter from the City of San Francisco. 

You'll hold on to one set for your files and mail the other three

to Redwood City in one manila envelope.

Note: you could drop off your papers (and your neighbors') to Redwood City, provided you have an appointment. 

              2. Divisions
              3. Small Claims
              4. Scroll way down to "contact us"
              5. Office hours; schedule an appointment 

The department is on your left after you've passed the escalator. 

You should receive your processed claim back within a week or so.
IMPORTANT!!!! The first page of your returned set will have vital information on it:  your claim number and your time, date, and location of your hearing.

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