California Civil Codes                     
Civil Codes 3470 and 3480 nuisance definitions do apply.
Civil Code 3482  does NOT apply to runway noise; it's been rejected in both appellate and the California Supreme Court.

In Nestle v. City of Santa Monica, 1972, the appellate court (agreeing with the trial court) denied the defendant’s argument that the California statute Cal, Civ. Code section 3482 provided the airport with immunity from nuisance liability. 



...While the statue designates the use of the runways for aircraft, it does not expressly authorize the excessive noise levels of the aircraft on the runways.”


    Greater Westchester V. City of LA, 1979, taken from Journal of Air Law and Commerce, 

    volume 47, issue 3, 1982, Airport Noise Litigation: Case Law Review, page 483    

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