Federal Statues Can Not Be Applied in Our Small Claims Case
The courts have made it clear who's responsible....
The FAA doesn't want to become involved...
Proprietary Rights
Federal Preemption does not apply
The City cannot reach out and pluck a federal statute to use in small claims court
Federal Courts and small claims courts are very different entities
                Where Federal Statues Are Mentioned vis a vis Small Claims Court
"In general, if the small claims court is handling a state issue, federal statutes would not apply or be binding on the small claims court, even if a party presents the statute in its arguments to the court. The source of this statement is my summary of jurisdiction of courts in the United States at federal and state levels."
                                       From California Courts, the Judicial Branch of California,
                                       law librarian
"Note: You cannot sue the federal government in state court. You can only sue the federal government or a federal agency in federal court."
There are limits to the legal authority of each court to hear and decide a case. For a court to be able to decide a case, it has to have jurisdiction..."Limited jurisdiction means that a court has restrictions on the cases it can decide. Small claims court is a court of limited jurisdiction. It can only hear and decide cases that claim damages of $10,000 or less."
                                      From California Courts, the Judicial Branch of California
                                      Jurisdiction and Venue: Where to File a Case
                                              Jurisdiction of Small Claims Court
Small claims courts only exist at the state level. Federal courts have jurisdiction over all matters involving federal law, and they can only exercise diversity jurisdiction over questions of state law if the amount-in-controversy is $75,000 or more. This is much higher than the  maximum amount in any state's small claims court.
You may not sue the Federal Government in Small Claims Court.
                                       The Superior Court of California - County of Orange
This federal statute does not govern what federal authorities have explicitly shown is not under federal preemption.
Where There's No Mention of Federal Statues 
2018 California Code of Civil Procedure, Chapter 5.5 Small Claims Court, Article 2:
Sections 116.210 through Sections 116.270 do not turn up "Federal" when searched
Section 416.50 contains most California statues that govern the filing and litigation of lawsuits in the Superior Courts of California
Public Entities Civil Code
California  Rules of Court
California Judges Benchguides Small Claims Court (revised 2009)
California Judges Benchbook  Small Claims Court (2019)
California Department of Consumer Affairs - small claims
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