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                                            First Step - Administration  Claim Form to SF



When you get the time-stamped paper back from the City of SF, please send your name(s) & email address(es) to in order to get on our email list. No need to do so if you're already on it.

You'll receive a legal envelope in the mail from SF about 6 weeks letter that looks ominous, but it's a standard mandated reply. The first paragraph will reference your claim date. Please email it to 

Second Step - Small Claims Forms for RC - Copies you need to make from Second Step pages 

3 copies of page 1 (small page #s are in the lower right corner)

1 copy of page 2

1 copy of page 3

3 copies of page 4

3 copies of page 5

Fill out pages 2 & 3

3 copies of page 2

3 copies of page 3

3 copies of the Letter to the Court



Assembling the 3 Claims Forms (The small claims department wants 3 copies: One for them, one for the City of San Francisco, and one returned to you with your scheduled appearance.


The first 5 pages of each claim form will be small claims documents;  the 6th page will be the Letter to the Court; pages 7 & 8 will be the copies of the 2-page letter from San Francisco; 


Paper clip the 3 claims

Attach check (with address on it) to first claim

Mail 3 packets

                                                             Appearance Dates

When you get one processed claim returned, email with name, email address(es), case number as seen on the first page of the returned and processed claim in the right-hand column, and assigned appearance date

Please let us know if you'd like to carpool. If we can't work it out, there's Uber to 400 County Center, Redwood City.


After appearance and verdict, please email with results.

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