December 31, 2019 Update

   The judge will render her Round Two decision as early as January 28, 2020.

Although we were scheduled for hearings to begin in early November, the defense's request for a postponement on short notice had a domino effect. Those scheduled for November 5 were moved to early December; those who could have made the November date but couldn't meet the December date were rolled over to January. 

January 7, 2020 - the court will hear the defense's appeal regarding the 10 people who were awarded compensation, evidently based on the fact that their homes were bought before 1980. This yardstick, based on a 40-year-old statute the defense presented, is highly questionable for use in small claims court.

January 14 - A group of 18 claimants will appear in small claims court.

January 21 - Three more claimants will present in court.

                       The defense will present its rebuttal. 

January 28 - The judge will announce her decision.