Source: City and County of San Francisco court appearance in San Mateo County Superior Court  on September 25. 2020
In 2020 the defense requested a court hearing to ask that our claim in small claims court  be moved to a "neutral" county. The defense does not have a right to do so unless certain parameters are met, and the defense could not meet those rules.

The California Code of Civil Procedure section 116.390 states:  - A defendant may not be granted a change of counties unless it has filed a cross claim [which the defense has not done].

The California Code of Civil Procedure section 116.710 states: "a defendant may appeal the judgment of the small claims court to the Superior Court in the county in which the case was heard."  Our claims have been heard in San Mateo County.

The judge denied the defense's request to move our small claims cases to another county other than San Mateo or San Francisco.