The Defense Claim #6 : The Federal Government Has Preemption in the Area of Airport Runway Noise
The Law says:
         1958 - Section 1305 of the Federal Aviation Act exempts proprietary (Ed. note: the City and County of San Francisco) powers and rights from federal preemption.
         1976 - The U. S. District Court articulated the principle of the "proprietor's exception".
         1978 - The Airline Deregulation Act limited preemption to rates, routes, and services.  
49 U. S. C. section 41713 (b) (1), and (3). This subsection does not limit ...a political subdivision of a State (Ed. note: The City and County of San Francisco) ... that owns or operates an airport ... from carrying out its proprietary powers and rights.
        1979 - The California Supreme Court ruled that federal preemption does not bar a nuisance action against a city-owned airport for personal injuries sustained as a result of noise from aircraft using the facility. It also found that preemption does not bar plaintiffs' claims.            
        Greater Westchester Homeowners' Association v. City of Los Angeles
        26 Cal.3d 86.    603 P.2d 1329      160 Cal. Rptr. 733        
        Thus, the task of protecting the local population from airport noise has fallen to the agency, usually the local government, the owns and operates the airport.
Federal Register/Vol.65, No. 136/Friday, July 14, 2000/Notices
         The Code of Federal Regulations states that Congress
expressly provided that  the proprietary powers and
rights of municipal airport owners are not preempted
by Federal law.