Defense Claim #9 - For years the airport's website displayed a page that emphasizes this statement:  "The FAA has full control over aircraft noise, pre-empting state and local control." That assertion most certainly would have dissuaded the public from pursuing the airport on aircraft noise issues, including the runway noise.
A misleading claim on the San Francisco International's Airport's website?
This screenshot of the aforementioned page was taken April 2019. Note the 4th bullet under "Federal Preemption". We pointed out to the court how this does not provide complete and accurate information (to be explained below.)
The citation quoted above regards a 1973 court decision.  The City of Burbank had established a curfew that prohibited aircraft from taking off from its airport between 11 PM and 7 AM in order to reduce nighttime noise for its residents. The United States Supreme Court ruled that because Burbank was not the airport's proprietor, and the curfew increased airport congestion and affected airspace, it fell in the FAA's domain. 
Three years later in National Aviation v. City of Hayward, the latter enacted an aircraft noise abatement ordinance to limit the noise from aircraft using the airport. Because Hayward is the proprietor of the airport, the federal court ruled due to federal exemption rules, it could do so. It would have been helpful had the San Francisco Airport included additional information on its website about who's responsible for runway noise so that the public got a clearer picture. 


 The web page pictured above may no longer be on the airport's website.