Defense Claim #10:
The 2015 runway project could not have been the cause of this noise problem since a pre-project study declared "plaintiffs' homes were not determined to be adversely impacted."

The Full Story:
The actual wording in the defense claim was "The...project..was determined to only affect 30 homes within the 65 CNEL noise contour - none of which included the Plaintiffs' homes." Chris Roach

"The changes proposed under the..project would result in about 30 residential homes exposed to an increase of 1.5 decibels using the CNEL level within the noise contour; all 30 of the residential homes were located within the City of Millbrae...Both future analysis years (2015 and 2019) yielded the same result of about 30 residential homes."  Audrey Park 

In other words, before this massive runway project was begun, no studies appear to have been made regarding how the new take off points would affect our neighborhoods.