Los Angeles International Airport  provides an easy-to-use in-house

     app for public feedback via a smart-phone.


       San Francisco International Airport doesn't.


                                          THE CURRENT SITUATION

SFO's website flysfo.com directs residents (who go to the website because they're likely disturbed, annoyed, angry) to fill out an online complaint form, write a letter or email, or phone in a complaint. 


If the call to 877 206 8290 is done during other than normal business hours, clink the link to hear what the caller hears: https://app.box.com/s/3p46erur09filzcgnr7ultzgn1j380nm

It's not convenient, quick, or effortless way to provide feedback. We've heard of people who were told they could expect a call back in 3 weeks or more, or they never were called back.

There's a second number to call during normal business hours: 650 821 5100  

The City of San Francisco lists a 3rd phone number to call: 650 821 7111


You can email sfo.noise@flysfo.com but this is not an efficient, convenient way to frequently report disturbing noise to SFO.


The online complaint form that SFO wants us to use does not acknowledge runway noise. it's cumbersome, antiquated, time-consuming, and unfriendly. For more information on this difficult claim form, click here. Furthermore, if you assume that the more complaints the airport receives, the more it will work to reduce runway noise, you'd be mistaken. One SFO official told me that the higher the number of complaints, the greater the chance that the airport may look into noise-abating insulation for homes. And that has a catch to it.


SFO says it doesn't provide an app since there are "6 apps" already out there for people to use. We question that. It's possible they're including the above 3 methods in their statement about "6 apps".

The Noise Abatement Office suggests people complain on the privately-created stop.jet.noise.com, the NAO's source for about 97% of the data they collect. This app is spread word-of-mouth; we couldn't find any mention of it on SFO's website. It's not possible to report runway noise using this app, only overhead flights.

To receive accurate reporting data from residents, SFO needs to provide its own easy-to-use, in-house, prominently displayed app that would make it almost effortless for residents to report whenever there's an excessive runway noise back blast or overhead aircraft, night or day, 24/7. The lack of this app suggests the noise data is highly under-reported.

planenoise.com (the company that created LAX's reporting app) states they have the ability to create an app that allows the public to report runway noise as well as overhead aircraft. Despite this, SFO appears to maintain its obsolete and time-consuming methods of gathering data which presumably discourages residents from reporting.

SFO makes it arduous to complain about runway noise.