February 15, 2020 - While We're Waiting....
While we're waiting, we suggest you consider submitting a San Francisco Administrative Claim form. It's free, it's non-committal, but when the time comes, you'll have all the necessary documents to proceed in small claims almost 2 months from now. Please see "paperwork" tab in menu.
And just why are we waiting? Round One has been completed, with people who owned their current homes before 1980 getting awarded compensation after the defense lost its appeal. As we see it, the problem that affected the majority of us was that the defense used a federal statute that was not permissible in our case. This was stressed to the judge during Round Two, with more evidence to show that local airport noise must be dealt with on the local level without using federal involvement as per FAA regulations.
The Round Two testimonies ended on January 21, 2020. We are waiting to hear the verdict from the judge.