Comparison between the Federal Government's responsibilities regarding controlling aircraft noise and the airport proprietors' duties.
The Federal Government has the authority and responsibility to control aircraft noise by the regulation of source emissions, by flight operational procedures, and by management of the air traffic control system and navigable airspace in ways that minimize noise impact on residential areas consistent with the high-test standards of safety.
Airport proprietors are primarily responsible for planning and implementing action designed to reduce the effect of noise on residents of the surrounding area. Such actions include optimal site location, improvements in airport design, noise abatement ground procedures. The FAA should encourage airport proprietors, who are legally responsible for the effect of aircraft noise on the surrounding community, to assess their particular noise problem and where local authorities determine there is a significant problem, to develop an action plan to reduce the impact of noise. That plan should address the establishment of a formal noise abatement runway system.

FAA Aviation Noise Abatement Policy,
Authorities and Responsibliites under the Policy.
Airport proprietors are primarily responsible for planning and implementing actions that manage the effects of aircraft noise with the airport's environs. Such actions include noise abatement ground procedures and acoustical treatments.        , Airport Proprietors