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     The Claim for San Francisco
Your address here
The City and County of San Francisco
1 Dr. Carlton Goodlet Place, Room 200
SF CA 94102

                      Print ONE copy of the claim
                  by clicking on the PDF rectangle. 

Complete boxes 1 and 2 (both will probably be your address).

Do not complete boxes 3 or 4.

Box 5. Put in a single date no later than 6 months ago. 

Do not complete box 6.

Complete box 7. Suggestion is to put in where you are when the noise is at its worst.

Do not complete box 8.

Box 9 - Enter the ground noises' effects. You may or may not wish to add comments like "the runway noise affects sleep, tranquility, concentration, natural ventilation in one's residence. CCSF has a legal duty to reduce the airport ground noise."

Leave the box just below box 9 blank.

Box 10 - Suggestions are to mention "ongoing private nuisance", SFO's ground noise, disturbs tranquility/use/enjoyment of home and neighborhood; window frames vibrate; smell of fuel; business calls are interrupted" etc.

Box 11 - Suggestion are "ongoing private nuisance" claim does not mandate monetary figures"; "I have an inverse condemnation remedy against CCSF for loss caused by noise", etc.  Below the total amount, check the box that says "limited".

Box 12 - Suggestion ~ "Residents of Hillsborough, Millbrae, Burlingame, and parts of San Mateo". No address or phone number needed.

Box 13 - Sign and print. 

Make TWO copies of your completed form.

Fold up TWO of the forms and put them in the envelope addressed to San Francisco.

Add up the FOLDED envelope with just your return address on it and include it with the TWO folded up forms.

Mail and wait.

In two to three weeks, you'll get one form back, stamped by a city official. Hold onto it..

In another six weeks or so, you'll get a letter from the SF City Attorney's office. Ideally, the word "DENIED" will be in the letter. That actually is good, as it means you may now file in small claims court (within 6 months).

You'll need three copies of the letter you received from the SF City Attorney's office.


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