updated September 23, 2021
                      The Claim 
               for San Francisco

Print out one copy of the claim below.

                                             Filling Out the First Claim


~ If you haven't already done so, print out 1 copy of the form above.


~ Fill out boxes 1 and 2.


~ Put “N/A” in boxes 3 and 4.


~ Put “ongoing” in box 5.


~ Put N/A in box 6.


~ Put “San Francisco International Airport” in box 7.


~ Put N/A in box 8.


~ Box 9 - You are free to put what you’d like here but you do need to enter why you

               think the City is responsible. I entered the purple paragraph below on my

               form. I don’t see why  you couldn’t cut some or all of it and paste it in box



“Rulings say the CCSF is responsible for the damage caused by the runway noise. 1) “Thus, the task of protecting the local population from airport noise has fallen to the agency, usually the local government, that owns and operates the airport” Federal Register, Vol. 65, No. 136, 7/14/2000.  2) “Airport proprietors have a duty under state law to reduce the airport noise. Plaintiffs may elect to treat airport noise as a continuing or permanent nuisance.” Source: 39 Cal.3d 862, 218 Cal.Rptr.293, 705 P.2d 866.  3) “federal preemption would not obviate the responsibility of the airport operator to compensate private property owners for any taking of their property for airport operations.” Source: The California Supreme Court of Appeal, Aaron v. City of Los Angeles, 40 Cal.App.3d 471[115 Cal.Rptr.162]

Box 10 - Describe how the noise affects you. If relevant, use terms like "vibration", "the

              noise is an ongoing private nuisance", "disturbs the tranquility/use/enjoyment

              of my home", "obstruction to the free use of property", "the smell of fuel".  


              Those are key terms used by court decisions that reinforce the rules in our

              favor. The green link below may help you phrase your wording.




             And remember, you don't need to be a homeowner to submit this claim.)

Box 11 - If relevant, enter what costs you've spent on reducing the runway noise. Also

              add how the stress of the noise, disturbance of sleep, et al, cannot be

              expressed in dollars.

Box 12 - You could say something general, like "too many to list", or "anyone in the

              runway noise corridor". Addresses and phone numbers not necessary.

Box 13 - Fill out.

                      Now that the form has been completed, print out TWO copies of it.

                            Address one envelope to Controller's Office Claims Division, 1390 Market Street

                            7th floor, San Francisco CA 94102.

                           Address the second envelope to yourself.

Put TWO copies of the completed form in the envelope.


Next,  put in the folded self-addressed stamped envelope.

HOLD ON TO THE REMAINING 3rd FORM. You may need it if you don't get your form (date-stamped) returned to you in 2 weeks.                                            sallymeakin@yahoo.com