Incorrect Defense Claims in the Past
                         (loosely worded)

Unless you got your home before 1980, you cannot file a runway noise claim.

Even though we are the airport proprietors, we are not responsible for the runway noise.

CCSF is in full compliance with state noise regulation.

The noise is caused by the NextGen FAA mandated satellite technology for overhead flights.

The runway noise isn't a legal "nuisance".

The federal government has preemption over CCSF.

The noise cannot have been caused by the runway 2015 project.

The plaintiffs haven't been "harmed".

The federal government is responsible for runway noise.

Plaintiffs may not file a second claim.

"(The noise is caused by) a tremendous increase of aircraft operations in recent years. We are currently averaging between 1200-1400 aircraft operations a day."

Under California Civil Code 3482, plaintiffs may not claim that the runway noise is a nuisance.

The airport has no legal control over the plaintiffs' alleged harms.