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The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF), as airport proprietor, is legally responsible for investigating and remediating the runway noise at San Francisco International Airport. (See legal sources.)

Yet despite ample codes, regulations, and  Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, the CCSF maintains they are NOT responsible for the runway noise.

The CCSF steadfastly maintains that nothing has changed at the airport over the last few years that could have caused this phenomenon of roars, rumblings, and vibrations known as "back blast".  We believe otherwise.

We are taking advantage of San Mateo County's small claims court system, an inexpensive, relatively fast-moving,  informal method without lawyers. The small claims court cannot order the CCSF to investigate and remediate; it can, however, order the CCSF to compensate those who are negatively affected by the runway noise.

Our goal is to exert sufficient and repeated financial pressure on the CCSF until they comply with the law. 

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