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CCSF has made Numerous unsupported Claims

Summary of my small claims cases

1. Trusted - 2019

2. ccsf victorious again 2020

3. ccsf victorious for 3rd time 2022; ccsf successfully asked court for my case to be dismissed; not allowed in small claims court; my submission of a form pointing out why it's not allowed was overruled

4. After it was validated and given a hearing date, My 4th claim got lost in the small claims department - my claim erased

5th claim - scheduled for mid-2022; defense again requested my case be dismissed; I again notified the court this was not allowed in small claims court; no acknowledgment from court; 
defense asked for case to be postponed for medical reason; later case was postponed again....hearing now set for 8 months after claim filed

6th claim - filed mid- 2022; CCSF attorney rejected my claim; gave fraudulent reason; I proved to them it wasn't legitimate; 
got hearing date 9 months after filing date

7th claim - 

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