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If you're considering getting involved:

Email to get on the email list.

Disseminate this website throughout Nextdoor and Hillsborough Together. Ideally, this information will eventually reach Millbrae and San Bruno.

Organize people to mail flyers to neighbors.
(Email for more information.)

Send this website to friends, neighbors, relatives, doctors, teachers, shop owners, housecleaners, lawyers, officials, anyone who may be affected by the ground noise.

Organize a group to rent the Lane Room in the Burlingame Public Library (or a Zoom meeting) so people can meet and discuss the issue with the illegal use of "1980", among other things. If I'm free, I'll join in.

It may be helpful to organize people and paper when it comes time to fill out small claims papers AFTER the first step has been completed.

Consider a group approach to Superior Court lawyers, contingent lawyers, class action lawyers, personal injury lawyers.

Twitter, Reddit, et al - may possibly be able to spread the word.

Please email with more suggestions.

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