Simply put, what is this all about?
Updated May 15, 2019
Keep in mind that many other options to work with the airport regarding the noise level, such as the Community Roundtable's requests of the airport, have been futile. The option below appears to be the one that may work.
Possibly starting early in late 2015 or early 2016, planes on SFO runways produced an abnormally loud and disturbing noise ("back blast") that continues to endure up to 22 hours a day. It is heard in San Mateo, Hillsborough, Burlingame, and Millbrae, perhaps in other nearby cities as well.
When it occurred to affected residents that this noise wasn't a temporary issue, they complained to the airport until they, the complainants,  gave up, whether from feeling ignored or from the difficulties they faced when filling out online complaint forms (see "SFO Makes It Tough to Communicate" in the menu above).
In a search for options, one frustrated resident uncovered details of a 1981 SFO airport noise case where the Burlingame residents' lawyer suggested they file in small claims individually but appear in court together.
Appearing together is said to carry significantly more strength in judges' eyes than individuals appearing at different times.
The 1981 group was successful in eventually getting SFO to transition to quieter airplanes. (See Precedent Setting Case  and Why Small Claims Court.)
We are using that prototype as a model. We are not asking for a change in runways or airplanes; a curfew is federally banned; initially, we are asking the City and County of San Francisco to inform us what changed in possibly late 2015/early 2016 that allows the noise to emanate over such a large region and how this will be resolved. We will attempt to put pressure on the airport's owner, the City and County of San Francisco, by winning modest monetary amounts in repeated small claims appearances until SFO has returned the runway noise levels to pre-2016 standards as judged by the residents who have had to endure the back blast for over 3 years.  
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