Updated December 29, 2020

Small Claims FAQ

The DCA: "Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively...In small claims court, the rules are simplified and the hearing is informal...Attorneys are... not allowed."

If I file, will my personal information be released?

The City and County of San Francisco and/or San Francisco International Airport may not release any personal data to the media.

If we lose, will this go on my credit records?


Do I have to speak in public?

You may read from notes, a prepared script, an iPad, etc. You may bring in witnesses to support your claim;  people may talk or read a statement for 1 minuyr to 20 minutes, perhaps longer if appropriate. Our Rounds 1& 2  judge let spouses sit together when testifying. 

Where will the small claims appearance be?

The locale will be in downtown Redwood City   We will tell you where to park, what going through security is like, and what the proceedings will be like.

When will our appearance be?

We will be given a date that will be weeks after you've mailed in your small claims forms. There's a possibility that date will be postponed by weeks or even months.
                                             What are we asking for?
Because the City and County of San Francisco denies there's a runway noise issue,  as well as denying they're the ones legally responsible for investigating and remediating it, we are asking the judge for compensation for the "ongoing private nuisance". If enough of us do this, the City may acknowledge its responsibility to investigate how the issue can be resolved.