The City of SF Will Likely Appeal this First Case

If we win Round One, the City and County of San Francisco will likely appeal within 30 days (before you receive payment). During this next phase of the small claims process, both plaintiffs and defendants may have attorneys present during a process overheard by a Superior Court judge.

Consider setting aside some of the funds you may be awarded in small claims court just in case we have future attorneys' fees. The more we band together, the less costly the fees will be.

Should we be victorious in the appeals process, we say, "Yessssssss!" then start to file claims for Round Two. Ideally, we'll do this 2 or 3 times a year until the City and County of San Francisco will pressure the airport to rectify the situation,  and the airport runway noise returns to its pre-2015 noise levels.


                                            Don't Forget! 

                 0ur Odds  of Winning the Appeal are GOOD!

Generally, the small claims court judge will have ruled correctly and the Superior Court judge will see things the same way, unless new evidence is presented that a significant legal mistake was made by the judge.