Updated September 2, 2018
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It's advantageous for us to deliver as many claims as possible at the same time to the Small Claims office in the hopes that a judge may request a meeting to plan how to efficiently and effectively present the multiple cases in court to save the small claims courts time and money.

The fee to file in small claims court is $50 to file a suit (plus $15 to serve the notice) that asks for $2500. We recommended this amount for 2 reasons.

        1) Four months of ongoing nuisance @ $2500 = or about $21/day, a 

              reasonable amount to request. Sometimes judges will ask for more specific

              reasons for choosing that figure. We can say that's $1 for every hour we're

              exposed to, or expecting to be exposed to, the dreadful runway noise,

              assuming we hear it 21 hours a day unless we're in a deep sleep.


              If 100 residents are awarded a claim, SF must pay $250,000. Provided the

              amount you're asking for is $2500 or less,  the process can be repeated up

              to10 times* during the calendar year.

                            *Individuals may ask for up to $2500 an unlimited number of times in a calendar year, BUT if you file over 10 claims,

                            you risk being put into a "vexatious litigant" category. 

         2)    If we are successful, the City of San Francisco will likely appeal the

                verdict, but the odds are in our favor of our winning the appeal.

                        (If the  awarded amount exceeds $2500 per person, the appeal process

                            could be  more complicated by their insurers filing an additional appeal. )

     The Small Claims office in Redwood City says that if we bring in the  mass claim forms, they'll work with us to find

       dates that can  accommodate the largest groups.  If you wish to make your own appearance plans, that's your right, but

       without a large backup of people who will testify along with you, your case may  or may not be viewed as strong by the








                    If you are unable to attend a Wednesday evening appearance in

                    Redwood City, please let us know if a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

                    afternoon would work for you at  sallymeakin@yahoo.com

                    We will try to put you in touch with others with the same need so that

                    you can form your own large group.

                    Please remember how vital it is to appear in a large group.




  You should receive a notice from Small Claims providing you with a hearing date

  and time that will be quite a ways away.

                                   PLEASE EMAIL SALLYMEAKIN@YAHOO.COM

                                   WITH THE APPEARANCE DATE YOU RECEIVED

                                   FROM SMALL CLAIMS COURT.   


                        Click here for the next stage: Appearing in Small Claims 

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