January 31, 2020-

SF lost its appeal

On January 29, 2020, at the conclusion of the final proceedings of the defense's appeal, a verdict for the plaintiffs (us) was rendered  by the Superior Court judge.

The background: You'll remember that in Round One, the small claims judge ruled that due to the defense's claims that federal statute 47506 applied to a local runway noise issue (we firmly believe it does NOT apply), people had to have owned their current homes before 1980. While most of the plaintiffs (us) could not meet that criteria, the defense filed an appeal against those who did.


The Superior Court judge said there has been a significant change at the airport that has caused this ongoing nuisance. We proved in this appeals hearing that the change in noise was a result of changes in the airport.

We are still waiting for the small claims court judge's ruling for Round Two.