updated November 22, 2019


~ about 3 minutes to fill out initial forms; several weeks of waiting
   for forms to be processed and a calendar date assigned to a
   group; more weeks of waiting for the date to come around;
   even more weeks of waiting if the City of SF requests a
~ the  Redwood City 5-minute appearance may be done with your
   group, friends, or family members nearby
~ possible wait of several weeks for judge to announce verdict
~ possible wait of several more weeks should the defense decide to
   appeal the verdict
~ possible wait of even more weeks should the City of SF request a
   postponement of the appeal hearing
~ one minute to install a yard sign if you'd consider it
Effort: Except for preparing for your testimony (that averaged 4 minutes a person in Round One), you are encouraged to take notes documenting the dates of the disturbance, how it's affected you, etc.
Money:  The $65 - $90 fee (to the San Mateo County Superior Court)  to file in small claims would be refunded should the judge rule in our favor.