Why Federal Regulations Do Not Apply
in Small Claims Court
                           1) The Judicial Branch of the Court of California is charged with                                 interpreting the laws of the State of California. The head of                                   the Judicial Branch is the Chief Justice of California. Under
                                the Judicial Branch, the courts of California offer legal                                           information and resources to people via online "chat rooms" as well as brick-and-mortar sites. We found Sonoma County's courts website "Ask a Law Librarian" to be particularly helpful.
(sonoma.courts.ca.gov; self-help center; ask a law librarian)
When we typed "Can the defense use a federal statute in small claims court?", the law librarian responded "In general, if the small claims court is handling a state issue, federal statutes would not apply or be binding on the small claims court, even if the party presents the statute in its arguments to the court.
"The source of this statement if my summary of jurisdiction of courts in the United States at federal and state levels."         LawLibrarian107
Date: 12:34 2020/05/12
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                       2) Limited Jurisdiction in Small Claims Court


                         Limited Jurisdiction means that a court has restrictions on the

                         cases it can decide. Small Claims court is a court of limited

                         jurisdiction. It can only hear and decide cases that claim damages of $10,000 or less. (Ed. Note: Suits in federal courts must involve cases claiming compensation of more than  $10,000.)   The judge has to follow the jurisdictional limits in these cases.

                  3) California Code of Civil Procedure


                     The small claims court has jurisdiction in an action brought by a

                     natural person, if the amount of the demand doesn’t exceed                                  $10,000.

                       4)  2020 California Rules of Court - Judicial council of California -

                            preemption of local rules  Rule 3.20   
                            The Judicial Council has preempted  all local rules relating to                               pleadings...No trial court, or any division or branch of a trial court, may enact or enforce any local rules concerning these fields. All local rules concerning these fields  are null and void unless other wise permitted or required by a statute or a rule in the California Rules of Court.

                                      5)  43816    Federal Register, Vol. 65, No. 136/ Friday,                                                 July 14, 2000/Notices


                                          After Burbank, Congress expressly provided that the proprietary powers and rights of municipal airport owners are not preempted by Federal law, 49 U. S. C. 41713 (section 105 of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978). Thus, the task of protecting the local population from airport noise has called to the agency, usually the local government, that owns and operates the airport.

6) Extensive research strongly suggests there is NO RECORD of a federal statute having been used in any small claims case in the United States.

7) There is no recognition of "federal statute" (or similar) in the following sites:


California Code of Civil Procedure

California Rules of Court

California Judges Benchbook Small Claims and Consumer Law 2019

California Judges Benchguides Small Claims Court (revised 2009)

California Department of Consumer Affairs (small claims)


8)  The Federal Aviation Administration has no control over airplanes in the Class G "uncontrolled airspace", from the ground up to 700 feet. Therefore, a federal statute cannot be applied to runway noise.

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